Because we believe that every child has the right to have a dream and work towards its realization

 The Republic of Congo.
A corner of the world where many dream of an education, a job, or a daily meal.
The children from “Coeur Immacule de Marie” – an orphanage hosting 15 children in the suburbs of Brazzaville – were no exception.
The first time we visited the orphanage, poverty and bad living conditions were the major obstacles to the incredible energy and joy of the children we met.

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The caretaker of the orphanage, Adrien, was struggling to get voluntary contributions and was ready to close the orphanage, exposing the children to even more vulnerability. Because orphanages do not receive any public aid in Congo, donors are essential but unpredictable.

Adrien started his own honey production from the only means he had left, hoping to generate a sustainable income source to provide continuous food and education to the children.

But beginnings are very difficult, and the needs – especially of food and sanitation – were immediate, so we decided to help.

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Emergency funds received from our sponsors Roundtable Heidelberg 22 (Germany) and Lion´s club Fredrikstad (Norway) helped us improve – together with Adrien and local workforce – the sanitary conditions of the only toilet, get a water container to secure sustainable water supply and food items for one month. In order to gather more much-needed funds, we decided to found a charity project.
While helping Adrien and the children overcome daily financial difficulties, we wanted to engage the kids and we wanted to do it through Art. Adrien is a painter and has shared his passion for Art since he can remember it. The kids were familiar with this kind of expression and so we decided they would be at the centre of the project.
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Painting them but also painting with them. Helping them dream – and lay the foundations – of a better future. Brazzart was born.
After long days and nights of work, we came back with colourful canvases, African fabrics, and painted original Congolese masks. In fall 2015 we inaugurated all the art pieces in “Marstall Zeughaus” in Heidelberg, officially starting the fundraising for Brazzart.
The funds are exclusively going to the orphanage and will be used in a flexible way: supporting Adrien with his honey production and with whatever he considers the immediate priorities are (food, medication, sanitation). We thank all sponsors, collectors and supporters of Brazzart for improving the chances of those children.