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FEMAIL – Poems, love-letters and confessions of a woman An interactive exhibition of female portraits invites you to take part in a discussion about female identity.

Over the course of the last few years, German artist Zeitwille has created more than 300 artworks from the same portrait depicting a woman. Choosing the most significant of these paintings, Zeitwille encourages us to reflect on typical female personas and write personal messages on their behalf.

Thinking about the topics “poems, love-letters and confessions” and with the help of art we are experiencing our social models, stigmas and stereotypes.

Visiting the exhibition will allow you to become part to the artwork – your poems, love-letters and confessions which you will be able to write during the opening times at the gallery will be collected.

They will then be read out loud by a random person at the end of the exhibition, leaving us with a bigger picture of the status of female identity in the contemporary world.

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